Natalie Ghobrial
Natalie Ghobrial
Organization: Trinity Western University
City: Langley
State: British Columbia
Phone: 604.513.2127
Major: HBSc. BEd., ATC, CAT(c)

Ghobrial is the Head Athletic Therapist and Clinic Supervisor at Trinity Western University, and has been with the Spartans since 2006. Ghobrial graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology & Health Sciences, a Bachelor of Education, and a certificate in Athletic Therapy from York University. Following her education and certification, Ghobrial also pursued and obtained her American designation in the field of Athletic Training.

Prior to Ghobrial’s endeavors in British Columbia, she was a member of the York University Sports Medicine Team as the Head Athletic Therapist of York’s football program. She also worked in the private sector in Toronto. Academically, Ghobrial also taught various courses in Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy in both College and University settings.

Ghobrial has and continues to work with various provincial and national teams and has had the opportunity to work at the Summer Universiade, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games. While caring for athletes both on and off the field, Ghobrial utilizes various techniques in their rehabilitation. Manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue release and muscle energy are used alongside exercise rehabilitatio n and therapeutic modalities in the treatment of athlete’s injuries.